10 Living Room Rugs To Take Your Breath Away

By Designer Rugs on August 15, 2017 

There aren’t many home accessories that can totally take your breath away like a stunning rug. Bold, sprawling and beautiful, a well-chosen rug can total transform your space, giving it life, personality and a sense of completion.

If you want a rug that will delight and inspire your space, your guests, and of course, yourself, check out our lineup of the best and most breathtaking rugs for your living room.

designer rugs collection blue vapour greg natalwe

1. VAPOUR by Greg Natale

Brilliant in its easy asymmetrical beauty, Vapour by Greg Natale is an enhancing rug that’s made to be featured. Don’t hide this under a bed or dining room table: showcase it in a living space where people can admire the transient grace of its design.

Styled image of classic The Palace Suite rug by Megan Hess in pink colour

2. THE PALACE SUITE by Megan Hess

Playful and visually captivating, The Palace Suite is a rug that can transition into living rooms of varying styles and colour schemes. It has the rare ability to act as a showpiece or an accompaniment to bolder furniture and accessories, making it a wonderfully versatile piece of decor.

designer rugs collection hare klein 2

3. WINGS by Hare and Klein

At once primitive and sophisticated, Etched by Hare and Klein brings a rugged yet floral pattern and simple colour scheme together with a luscious, luxury feel to provide a wonderfully juxtaposing – and wholly captivating – look. Great for rooms with more modern decor and clean lines, this rug is both wild, and precise.

Living room image of distressed Bilby rug in bronze colour

4. BILBY from the Contemporary Handknot Collection

Bring your room together with Bilby from our range of handknots. The perfect pairing with metallic finishes and neutrals, Bilby has a uniqueness and personality due to the intricate handmade process of weaving. This expertly designed and superbly crafted piece brings a strong and captivating perspective to your living room.

location living room shot of spanish almond rug by easton pearson

5. SPANISH ALMOND by Easton Pearson

Spanish Almond makes you feel like you’ve entered a whole new world. A world wide with wild gardens, happy memories, and endless possibilities. And it makes sense. The inspiration for this blooming design came from the kaleidoscope, and the way patterns and colours can be recreated and reformed into beautiful new arrangements at the turn of a wrist.

designer rugs collection olsen ormandy

6. FLAMINGO by Stephen Ormandy

There’s a lot to love about this big, beautiful rug, not the least of which is that it makes you feel like you’re looking at – and walking on – a work of art. This handmade, awe-inspiring rug is perfectly balanced in its design, with a joyful colour palette that is sure to brighten up your living space.

designer rugs collection navy felicia aroney blossom dance

7. BLOSSOM DANCE by Felicia Aroney

The possibilities for this elegant rug are endless. Blossom Dance can add a bursting bloom of flowers to so many different spaces. Its equally delicate and strong design, simple blue and cream colour mean that it can integrate into a variety of spaces, from a more classic living room with subdued colours, to a dining room or bedroom.

designer rugs living room rugs satellite

8. SATELLITE from the Saffron collection

Vibrant and alluring composed of a stunning and simple colour scheme, Satellite from the Saffron Collection was offers a look into endless worlds and possibilities. It’s a rug you can get lost in. It is a rug that can make a little time spent lounging in the living room feel like a mind-expanding experience.

location living room shot of garden party rug by catherine martin multicoloured floral with beige background

9. GARDEN PARTY by Catherine Martin

Garden Party embraces the  new neutral decor trend with grace and cool sophistication. But there’s nothing chilly about the warm vibes thrown off by this stunning piece of floor decor. Whimsical without being indecisive, and bold without being brash, this living room carpet is an absolute treasure.

designer rugs collection patterned

10. DOTTY from the Carousel Collection

Our DOTTY handknot rug makes our list of best and most brilliant living room rugs. It’s not hard to see why: this rug is more than an accent piece. It takes centre stage with its joyful mark-making design. Balanced out with a bold selection of shades and colours, this rug invites prolonged, adoring gazing.

And that’s important to remember: you can design your own rug for your living room. While these rugs are nothing short of beautiful, it is your space. You’re not limited by the imagination of others. Love these rugs as they are, or use them as inspiration. Your most breathtaking rug will be the one that reflects your style, and your space.

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