- Handknotted in Wool and Viscose
- Made in India
- Stock size 240 x 300cm and 270 x 360cm
- No custom sizing available


Our collection of subtle and elegant handknot rugs are expertly woven using traditional methods. Handknot rugs are for those appreciate the importance of good design and high quality, long lasting products. Creating rugs by hand using fine materials like wool and shimmering silk is a highly valued art form. Each rug is painstakingly woven by hand - the technique remains practically unchanged over many centuries – and uses traditional methods in the service of contemporary design.

Handknot rugs are suitable for residential and light commercial applications only - contact us for our recommended designs for heavy commercial projects.

Stock Sizes
Size + Placement

When you buy a new rug, you’re making an investment in your home, your space, and your style, and you want it to look perfect in your room.

In addition to finding a rug that compliments the style and function of your space and your own personal taste, you’re also going to want to account for considerations of size, shape and placement.

We’ve created a simple guide to consider when making your rug purchase.

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Care + Maintenance

We advise professional cleaning for all our rugs.

Vacuum regularly - we do not recommend using rotating or
brush head vacuum cleaners on any of our rugs, or vacuum
cleaners with a very strong suction.

Clean spills immediately. Never rub a spill, instead blot any
liquids with a dry absorbent white cloth or white paper towel. If
in doubt, please seek professional advice from our Preferred
Cleaner Network.

Do not steam clean or dry-clean your rug, and avoid harsh
chemicals. Our rugs are not machine-washable.

Direct sunlight will cause fading - avoid direct exposure to

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Additional Information
Colours Beige, Brown
Rug Dimensions 240 x 300cm, 270 x 360cm
Country Of Origin India