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Size + Placement

When you buy a new rug, you’re making an investment in your home, your space, and your style, and you want it to look perfect in your room.

In addition to finding a rug that compliments the style and function of your space and your own personal taste, you’re also going to want to account for considerations of size, shape and placement.

We’ve created a simple guide to consider when making your rug purchase.

Living Room

For living rooms, you have a few a different options when it comes to placement. First, be sure to measure your space and your furnishings.
You can select a rug that is larger than your living room set – this is great for defining open plan spaces, large rooms or for when you want to make a statement.

For smaller spaces, take a “two legs on, two legs off” approach. This still allows for plenty of rug coverage, and is great for showcasing more colour or design.

Another option is to treat the rug as a centrepiece, with the furniture surrounding the rug. This is a great option for when you don’t want to hide any part of your beautiful new purchase, and is also an economical choice as you don’t need as large a rug.

Dining Room

Choosing a shape that mirrors your dining table is a great way to frame your dining space. Your rug should be large enough to accommodate your table and all the chairs when they’re pushed out – anything smaller will catch on the chairs. From the edge of the table, extend the size of the rug by the depth of your chair + 20cm, which is roughly 70-75cm. We suggest choosing a rug made from stain-resistant materials such as wool for dining rooms.


Bedroom rugs are all about having a plush feeling underfoot when you step out of bed in the morning, so placing your rug so that you have approximately 60-70 cm next your bed is ideal. Side tables should be completely on or completely off the rug so they are stable – to achieve this the rug can be placed just in front. An economical option would also be two runners either side.


With hall runners, always leave allowance for your door to swing open, and be sure to take into account architraves and skirting boards that may jut into the hallway. Leaving some space either side of your runner is recommended to have the floor frame the rug. Be as generous as the space allows, as a narrow runner can be awkward to walk on.

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