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Our environmental and social responsibilities are of paramount importance, and we are committed to the long term aims of sustainable and ethical development in all our business activities.
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Designer Rugs is dedicated to the improvement of sustainability. We are constantly striving to improve our environmental performance and reduce our impact on the environment.

We produce high-quality product, designed to stand the tests of time. Not only are we proud to supply premium product to our clients, but it also reflects our stance on the environmental impact of planned obsolesce – the long lifecycle of our product means reduced waste. In our rug production, processes are hand controlled to reduce wastage and our carbon footprint.

Designer Rugs recognises the importance of renewable materials. Wool forms the major component of our product, which is a naturally renewable and sustainable product. Sheep are part of the natural carbon cycle, consuming the organic carbon stored in plants and converting it to wool. This hard-wearing fibre is also biodegradable at the end of its lifespan.

We aim use distribution methods for our product that are environmentally friendly, re-using packaging as much as we can and providing reusable rug bags where possible. We encourage the return and reuse of samples and tufts provided for the product selection process to reduce the impact of sample and tuft production.

Internally, our respect for the environment extends to our office policies, where we aim to communicate digitally wherever possible to prevent unnecessary printing. We practice a policy of working without electric lights if they are not required and of ensuring all power is only used when absolutely necessary and we recycle everything we can.

We enable specifiers to meet their environmental commitments without compromise aesthetics and quality. Our 100% NZ Wool Products have been tested to the Carpet and Rug Institute Green label Specification (Green Star IEQ-13) for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the results indicate the products are low-VOC emitting. Specifying and using these products contributes one credit point under the Green Star Design IEQ-13 credit.

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