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Rug Trends: Stay Ahead with the Latest Styles and Patterns

By Designer Rugs on November 21, 2023 

By Lynne Testoni

Luxurious underfoot and beautiful to behold, rugs can make all the difference to a home’s interior design aesthetic. They anchor an interior, allowing the other furnishings to play off their design and palette to create a cohesive space.

Whether you choose a neutral base, or a showstopping centrepiece, rugs are the perfect way to update an interior or refresh a colour scheme. Choosing the right rug for your home that also reflects current trends can change your aesthetic from dated to dramatic, fusty to fabulous. Here are some of the strongest trends we are seeing – and where you should use them.

Rug colours and patterns

After years of white-on-white interiors, bright colours have returned to the home, adding personality and fun to rooms. The move towards a maximalist interior with strong jewel shades instantly creates mood and drama – in the best way – while the new, richer terracotta tones help to warm up rooms and soften the space.

If you want to add drama and opulence, choose a rug with geometric shapes and a bold palette, such as our ‘Circuit’ rug by Gavin Harris or Spring rug by Bernabeifreeman. Choose our most standard shades or opt for a custom palette – the choice is yours! Take a look at our most popular geometric designs here.

If you want to create a more luxurious, feminine feel, consider a rug with a floral design, such as the richly detailed ‘Cordyline’ rug from the latest collection by Catherine Martin or the lush Cinnamon Bloom rug by the House of Heras Collection.

Florals don’t have to be restricted to bedrooms either. A bold floral design can work well in a living space – and is an ideal way to connect the inside spaces with outdoor areas. Far removed from English drawing rooms, the new florals can be bold and brave (take a look at the Telopea Bloom rug from the Patricia Braune Collection), or subtle and pretty – take your pick.

Natural materials used in rugs

The trend towards sustainability and the use of natural products continues to grow and influence material choices throughout the home.

Natural fibers, such as wool and silk, have a tactile quality that artificial materials can never match. They breathe, they evolve with time and settle into your home beautifully.

Other natural and renewable materials have gained in popularity, especially sustainable materials such as bamboo and NZ wool. Wool and bamboo are renewable materials, and wool is also biodegradable at the end of its life. Our 100% NZ Wool Products have been tested to the Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label Specification (Green Star IEQ-13) for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and results indicate the products are low-VOC emitting.

Rug shapes and sizes

Rugs don’t have to be restricted to just being rectangles – there are so many options available. Modern manufacturing processes are flexible and creative in the shapes and sizes they offer. At Designer Rugs, our rugs can be whatever shape you want and whatever suits the space where they will live.

Increasingly, unconventional shapes such as hexagons and triangles are finding a place in Australian homes. Angular and unusual shapes add a modern twist to rooms, especially in modernist homes where they can reference the architectural elements of a home and pay homage to their unique aesthetic. 

And, if you are wanting a statement piece for your floor covering, an oversized rug can be the showstopping element you need to create maximum effect. Whether it’s because you want to hide an unattractive floor, or refresh a room’s entire aesthetic, an oversized rug can be a bold choice that makes an interior memorable and special.

Rug styles and trends

Bespoke designs are becoming more popular, as homeowners choose the rug that suits both their interior palette and personal style. With Designer Rugs, you can work with our team to create a custom design (or custom colourway) that suits your home, or your designer or architect can design a style that reflects your new interior.

Maximalist designs are back in favour, reflecting the move away from neutral tones to stronger colours and bolder designs.

For those still wanting to stay with a minimalist design, consider adding simple patterns and designs with a textural element, sometimes mixing materials for added interest.

Vintage rugs with traditional designs are also popular, especially in newer builds as it helps to anchor a new home and imbue it with a sense of place. Our contemporary hand-knot collections offer the finest quality rugs handmade using traditional artisan methods in contemporary designs.

We are also seeing a rising demand for our Indigenous Collections, especially our new Warlukurlangu collection. Responsibly sourced, beautifully detailed, these are heirloom rugs to treasure.

Maintaining your rug

Knowing how to clean your rug and maintain its appearance is important to ensure your rug has a long life. Treat spills immediately and see professional help. Cleaning rugs is a skill, which is why we advise employing professional cleaning for all our rugs.

We recommend our preferred professional cleaners here. Please note that these are third party services and Designer Rugs is not responsible for the outcomes.

Embracing your style

It is exciting to see colour return to the home and the newest trends in rugs are reflecting this move. Colour is not just for the brave! This is the year to go bold and dramatic and bring rich shades into your rug choices.

However, don’t forget that it is your home; your haven. Be comfortable with your choices. Be aware of trends, but don’t be confined by them. Whether you select a dramatic geometric style, a bold shape and palette, or a richly floral option, it’s important to embrace your personal style and choose the trends that speak to you and reflect your lifestyle.

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