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Catherine Martin is an Oscar-winning film, stage and interior designer. The wife and chief collaborator of director, producer and writer, Baz Luhrmann, CM is more likely to be known as the woman who made Nicole Kidman resplendent in red in the costumes for Moulin Rouge!, for the lavish party scenes in The Great Gatsby and for collaborating on Baz’s extraordinary contemporary reinterpretation of Romeo + Juliet.

CM’s profound ability to become deeply and authentically involved in the very DNA of the projects she’s involved in has allowed her to segue into our world via brands like Prada, Chanel, Tiffany & Co, and of course Designer Rugs. Her design aesthetic for the home has resulted in elegant, timeless and yet always functional creations that can both inspire and transport.

CM’s first collection celebrates native Australian flora and fauna, children's patterns and lace designs, effortlessly combining unusual and striking elements so they work together in a sophisticated and complementary way.

Her second collection pays homage to the romance of the unique period that is ‘Art Deco’, while remaining imbued with a fantastical quality of their own that is undeniably the signature of Catherine Martin herself.

Our third collaboration a rich colour palette, intertwining animal prints, densely ornate foliage and floral patterns. Within the individual designs, vibrant hues interplay with a foundation of neutrals, delivering a lush collection of rugs suitable for a multitude of interiors.

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