The Benefits Of Area Rugs

By Designer Rugs on November 12, 2012 

There are so many reasons to choose an area rug for your home. Style, comfort, warmth and even sound-dampening can all be achieved with the right area rug.

One of the first reasons people might consider an area rug is for the style - the right design and colour can truly transform a space and tie together all the interior elements. Choosing the perfect style of area rug can really bring out your creative side and allow you to play with colours and designs that bring joy into your space.

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One of the greatest benefits of an area rug is the physical warmth it provides underfoot, especially for homes with hardwood floors or tiles which can become incredibly cold, especially during chilly winter months! Area rugs are a great way of providing an extra layer of insulation, and feel a lot nicer under your feet.

Area rugs can also soften sound for a peaceful and quiet home life. Hard-surface flooring reflects interior sounds, causing the ambient levels to increase, while rugs and carpets absorb the sound. Choose a thicker rug over a thinner one for the most effective soundproofing.

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Lastly, area rugs are perfect for creating different "zones" in the home. Selecting the right size and shape of area rug can frame your living or dining area, delineating the different spaces and creatiing a visual separation in open plan space. Custom sizing your area rug can be especially helpful in this regard, to create the perfect size to suit the room and furnishings.

We have rugs to suit any area – square, rectangular, irregular or round rooms, there is a rug that will perfectly frame and compliment your space. Echoing the shape of the room with your rug brings a pleasing feeling of order to a space.

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Our range of area rugs range from classic to avant garde, in a wide range of designs, materials and pile heights. Hand tufted or hand knotted in the finest wools and silks, our area rugs are of the highest quality, and can make a truly impactful design statement in your space. The warmth and cosiness of a rug creates a welcoming atmosphere in a room, as well as adding colour our texture to your interiors. No matter the space you are looking to beautify and refresh, we have the area rug you need.