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Silvana Azzi Heras: The Interview

By Designer Rugs on July 6, 2020 

Since launching five rug designs with House Of Heras in 2018, the collection has gone from strength to strength, becoming a viral sensation and gracing the homes of hundreds! This boutique design studio is led by award winning designer Silvana Azzi Heras, who specialises in highly decorative designs applied to a variety of textiles including wallpapers and fabric. These intricate and beautiful designs sprung from the desire to create interiors that are high end and opulent, yet give the simple comforting pleasure of being at home surrounded by wonderful things.

designer rugs house of heras
Silvana Azzi Heras

We spoke to Silvana about her successful collection, and what is on the horizon for this talented designer.

Waratah Wonderland rug by House Of Heras
Waratah Wonderland

Your rug collection has been quite a runaway success! How does it feel to have your designs in hundreds of homes all over the world?

I’m doing what I love so it makes me so happy people are enjoying the results of that work. Designing for me is not a job, it’s my passion.

One of the very first rugs sold from your collection was to your parents – how have they been enjoying it?

They are obsessed with it and vacuum it at least once a day. My brother’s dog Jack isn’t allowed in because he loves that rug just as much as they do. It takes pride of place in their home.

Bush Bouquet rug designed by House Of Heras
Bush Bouquet

Many of your rugs have found homes overseas – what is it about these distinctly Australian designs that has universal appeal?

I’d like to think it’s the design itself that is universally appreciated and will stand the test of time as opposed to the subject matter. I’m a realist though and understand that part of the attraction is the beauty and uniqueness of our flora and fauna and the idealised image many people from around the world have in their mind about Australia itself – as they should! We live in an amazing part of the world.

What other areas have you been branching out into with your designs?

I’ve been working on a great collaboration with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra which will launching in a few weeks. Also working on an exciting stationery and crockery collaboration with two companies that I love. Hoping to start on our kimono and swimwear collections next!

You have two beautiful children, any advice for rug owners with young families?

Choose a dark background with lots of linework and colour and get them professionally cleaned once a year at least.

You have a very distinctive aesthetic, how do you see it evolving in future?

The aesthetic you see today is based on years of experimentation and experience – I didn’t start off with this lens on the world but it’s now very much a representation of what inspires me, what I consider to be good design and what I will continue refining for many years to come.

That aesthetic will always evolve based on my own personal experiences and growth but my goal is that there’s always a common thread and that no matter how things change, if i start to use wacky colours or use different subject matter for my designs, people will one day be able to look at any of the objects I’ve created during my career and say “yep, that’s a House of Heras.”

Sugarbush rug design by House Of Heras

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