Olsen + Ormandy | The Interview



Designer Rugs is thrilled to unveil a new collection “OLSEN + ORMANDY” by the two creative minds behind Dinosaur Designs, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy. Each design has been drawn from their own inspiration; Louise from nature and Stephen of the subconscious mind, harmoniously transposed into a collection of six luxury hand knotted Tibetan wool and silk rugs. We spoke to Stephen and Louise about the inspiration behind this beautiful collection, and what draws them to rug design.


flamingo stephen ormandy

Flamingo by Stephen Ormandy


Tell us a little bit about this new collection, and the inspiration behind it.

LO: I’ve been inspired by the infinite possibilities in nature: seeds sprout, spores spread, plants grow and forests come into existence and continue to develop. Watching this is an endless source of inspiration.

SO: My work is born of the subconscious mind. I’m looking for vibration and rhythm, the play of line creating positive and negative space, searching for tonal balance through contrast or harmony, while developing chroma relationships that hug or repel.


springtime louise olsen

Springtime by Louise Olsen


You’re known for your popular Dinosaur Designs rug collections – what made you decide to create Olsen + Ormandy? How does it differ from your Dinosaur Designs rugs?

Olsen and Ormandy is not collaboration, we have designed the rugs as individual artists and used existing works, which have been applied to the rug medium. Dinosaur Designs rugs are very intrinsic to the DD DNA.


What drew you to the handknot method of manufacturing?

The quality of the hand knot, there’s a beautiful human element to it.


twilight stephen ormandy

Twilight by Stephen Ormandy


What was your process in selecting the artworks to use as rugs? What makes a good rug design?

Colour, form and boldness were a consideration when selecting artworks. The quality of the artwork and thinking about how it will transfer to the medium is also an important factor.


You each have very distinct art styles, but in this collection they are harmoniously presented side by side. What do you think are the synergies between your two artistic styles that makes this possible?

We both have our own distinctive language and visions. Our works both have an energy, which creates synergy.


seed pod louise olsen

Seed Pod by Louise Olsen


In what type of spaces and aesthetics do you see your designs being most at home?

We love seeing how people make it their own by bring the designs into their own space.


What do you enjoy most about designing rugs?

The colour and texture is endlessly inspiring along with luxurious warmth of wool.


See the full Olsen + Ormandy collection here, or visit one of our showrooms.


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