Large Floor Rug Ideas for Open Plan Living

By Designer Rugs on January 12, 2013 

Large, open-plan living is synonymous with the Australian lifestyle, but sometimes decorating these spaces can prove tricky! While furniture, shelving and screens may often come first to mind for creating vertical barriers, rugs are equally as important for delineating space and creating zones of living.

If you’re lucky enough to have beautifully open plan and large spaces in your home, you’ll need a rug larger than a standard size to adequately fill the floor.

residential custom made greg natale lounge
Custom hand tufted Roma rug by Greg Natale Designer: Greg Natale Photographer: Anson Smart

An extra large rug can make a big impact on the look and feel of a room, whether bold and bright or luxurious and neutral. Not only are they visually stunning, large rugs can also help dampen the acoustics of a big room and add a cosiness to large expanses of bare floor.

The size of your rug is important - a rug that is too small can actually make a room feel smaller, but a rug that is so big that its edges are climbing the walls isn’t going to create the right impression either. Geting a handle on your room’s measurements is an important first step when purchasing a big rug, as this is going to be an important investment in your home!

Custom hand tufted rug
Custom hand tufted rug Designer: Poco Designs Photographer: Anson Smart

We pride ourselves on being able to design, manufacture and ship extra-large and room sized rugs, perfect for defining open-plan living or dining rooms. Our standard rugs size is 200 x 300cm, but as we are custom specialists, creating a large version of any of our designs is easy – the only limit is your imagination! Whether round, rectangle, circle, or a custom shape, we can create an oversized rug with a design carefully enlarged and placed by our local in-house design team.

Enquire today about creating an extra large rug based on any of our designs with the size you need, or we can provide a per square metre cost to suit your budget.