How to Find the Right Stair Runner

By Designer Rugs on March 1, 2012 

Adding a runner to your stairs can create a distinct and stylish look to a space that is often overlooked when decorating. A beautifully decorated staircase can make a huge impact, and form a central style statement for your home due to its visibility in one’s eyeline. There are many things to consider when purchasing a stair runner to make sure they look and perform their best!

designer rugs stair runners greg natale
Custom hand tufted stair runner
Designer: Greg Natale Photographer: Anson Smart

Staircases are some of the most heavily trafficked areas at home, a high quality stair rugs with good durability is needed to continue looking lush and luxurious after years of use. We recommend a hand tufted quality, made from hardy 100% New Zealand Wool. The unique fibre structure of New Zealand Wool is strong and hard-wearing and provides natural protection to help resist staining and soiling, meaning wool stair runners will last for many years without showing signs of wear and tear.

Choosing the design of your stair rugs needs to be simple and elegant, as an overly patterned or geometric design can create optical illusions that can be hazardous. When it comes to colour try to avoid colours that are too light (as they will show dirt and marks) and too dark (as they will show lint). A medium tone will hold up best!

designer rugs stair runners catherine martin
Custom hand tufted stair runner by Catherine Martin

Stair runners can also enhance the safety of your home, especially for kids, softening the hard wooden or cement stairs and protecting legs and feet. However, making sure your stair runner has been installed correctly is paramount to avoid loose corners or trip hazards.

Stair rugs also help to dampen the sound of footfall up and down the stairs, and create a quiet and peaceful mood in your home. 100% wool is again an excellent option for absorbing sound and is a great acoustic buffer.

Foot traffic can wear down the finish on yours stair's treads and leave scuff marks on risers Stair runners can help to protect your stair risers from the wear and tear of regular footfall.

designer rugs stair runners greg natale 2
Custom hand tufted stair runner
Designer: Greg Natale Photographer: Anson Smart

Our stair rugs are part of our custom rug design service, and we have created many beautiful, bespoke runners for staircases of every size, length and shape. Creating bespoke stair rugs can be difficult, but our decades of expertise means your stair runner is in good hands, from design right up to installation.