How To Choose an Entry Rug

By Designer Rugs on December 12, 2012 

First impressions matter! After carefully designing your living, dining and bedroom spaces, you don't want the first space your guests see to be an afterthought.

For many homes, the first room through the door is a hallway. Often considered a difficult space to decorate due to limitations in space and shape, hallways can always benefit from a design statement like a beautiful entryway rug. Create a divine entrance space with a hallway runner rug or small rug that feels as soft and luxurious as it looks.

Hall runners are a classic mainstay of homes with iconic entrances, including Australian Federation style homes and terrace houses.

Henna handtufted rug
Hand tufted Henna rug Designer: Ennen & Co. Photographer: Simon Whitbread

Area rugs can help add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the first space your guests see in your home. Hall runners also help to dampen the noise of footsteps and protect wooden floors.

Floor runners by their nature are usually narrow and long, creating a connection between one entryway and the next. Whether they are placed directly in front of your front door, or are adorning an upstairs hallway between bedrooms, the size of your hall runner or entrance rug is extremely important. In these spaces, your main concern should be keeping around 30 – 45 cm of bare floor visible between the end of the rug and the wall. These measurements are not hard rules: as long as there is some bare floor visible, you’re good. And as long as your rug doesn’t look ridiculously small or short in a spacious landing or long hallway, you’ve got a solid look. Be as generous as the space allows, as a narrow runner can be awkward to walk on. Always remember to leave allowance for your door to swing open, and be sure to take into account architraves and skirting boards that may jut into the hallway.

Custom hand tufted rug
Custom hand tufted rug Designer: Greg Natale Photographer: Anson Smart

Choosing a material and construction that can withstand the high volume traffic of an entry way is also something you need to consider. The durability of hand tufted New Zealand wool is especially suited to this type of rug, and is made to perform well in high traffic areas like an entrance hallway.

We know every hallway and entrance is different, which is why we specialise in creating bespoke lengths and widths to perfectly suit the specific dimensions of your hallway. Almost all of our designs can be reworked to suit the length of a hallway rug, thanks to our talented in-house design team. From muted tones to bold accents, we are able to create high quality, bespoke entrance rugs to suit any aesthetic and deliver them Australia wide. Whether classic or contemporary, our rugs are perfect for adding colour and texture to your entrance or hallway.