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House Of Heras - Birds and the Bees

By Designer Rugs on March 30, 2021 

We are so excited to introduce a second collection of rugs from House Of Heras -  'Birds And The Bees'. House Of Heras specialises in highly decorative designs, and you may have seen her work on films such as The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge and more.

This collection explores Australian fauna and flora in a opulent 70's inspired colour palette, including a beautiful bee motif. These detailed designs sprung from designer Silvana’s fascination with Australia’s native bee population – their beauty, variety and their vulnerability.

We spoke to Silvana about her inspirations and vision for the collection.

Designer Rugs X House of Heras proof 2

What were your inspirations for this collection?

This collection came together after my son came home from pre-school talking about a bee project they'd been working on. I had no idea about the variety and beauty of Australia's native bee population. We were looking at so many different types of bees and how intricate and beautiful each species was and in a moment of inspiration I knew these bees needed to be the focus of my next range. From there I started researching more exotic birds and flowers to see what else I could incorporate into the pieces.

Which is your favourite design from the collection?

I love them all but Birds of Pine has come up so beautifully as a rug - I always love seeing the transition between my computer screen and the real thing.

designer rugs house of heras bird of pine lo lr
Bird Of Pine

This collection has had a definite shift in colour compared to the last collection, what was the idea behind this new direction? 

I've always had a love of the 1970s, which might have something to do with it being the decade I was born in. I still have vivid memories of specific clothes, homewares and packaging from around my childhood home during those early years - probably unusually vivid for the age I was (and am now!) but I'm starting to see more and more of these things seeping through as inspiration for my more recent design work.

You’ve been branching out your designs into a number of new areas – stationary, table wear, fashion and more. Has this influenced your rug design process?

What’s interesting is that I always start my collection with the rug designs so I have been adaptingf the rug designs into kimono designs, tablecloths, cushions and some other exciting pieces that will be released soon.

designer rugs house of heras the bees knees lo lr
The Bees Knees

What kind of space do you see this new collection working in and what do you think they add to a space?

I can see it in restaurants and more public spaces like boutique hotels as well as lots of homes needing a touch of colour. I’m told that my rugs bring joy and happiness to the homes they are in so hoping this collection does the same.

What drew you back to Designer Rugs, and how do you find the process of collaboration?

It's always such an easy enjoyable process and something that is comfortable and familiar as well as being able to get a second and honest opinion from Lia (Designer Rugs senior designer).

designer rugs house of heras cinnamon bloom lo lr 2
Cinnamon Bloom

The Birds and the Bees Collection is on display in our showrooms, and can be custom shaped, sized and coloured to suit your home. Contact us to find out more!

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