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Gavin Harris Interview

By Designer Rugs on May 11, 2023 

The longstanding partnership between Gavin Harris and Designer Rugs has been a source of great collaboration, leading to the creation of three remarkable rug collections. We are incredibly excited to introduce the latest evolution of our journey together: The Circadian Collection.

With over 25 years’ experience in interior and product design, Gavin Harris has established himself as
one of Australia’s leading interior designers. With international experience from within the design world
both through his personal work and through his work in corporate commercial interior design

We spoke to Gavin about his experiences creating this collection:

Gavin Harris talks about his new collection 'Circadian'

What was your overall inspiration for this collection?

We’ve called the collection Circadian - this links to the thinking and my desire to explore movement + change. I was interested in how to show the passage of time, and the significance of each moment within it. This collection explores the interconnectedness between our actions and the distinct periods we experience. It delves into the transformative nature of life itself, from new beginnings to growth, maturation, and ultimately, the passage of time.

Drawing inspiration from the Earth's movement around the sun and the vital energy it bestows upon all living beings, the Circadian Collection pays homage to the life-giving forces that shape our existence. I was also influenced intrigued by the ancient ways in which humans perceived and marked the passage of time, drawing upon primitive methods of timekeeping.

Which design is your favourite and why?

Calendar stone - it’s detailed with a simple repeating element, proving movement, scale and also how they interconnect to the larger story. I feel it creates a dramatic visual.

designer rugs gavin harris calendarstone lo wr1
Calendar Stone. Photography: Richard Whitbred

What is your design process when it comes to creating rugs?

I sit down at my desk, and start drawing with pens and immerse myself in the creative process.  I develop different shapes and forms. My inspiration comes from spending time observing nature and machines, with their captivating and intricate structures. I find particular fascination in the negative spaces that machines possess. Through repetition and rotation, these initial sketches evolve into intricate line drawings, laying the foundation for the rugs or patterns that will emerge. It is during this transformative stage that texture and final form gradually come to life. What truly captivates me is the notion of scale. As I envision these delicate lines and patterns spanning three meters or more within someone's living room. The transition of that initial thin line ends up as a tangible large scale creation.

After 2 incredibly successful collaborations with Designer Rugs, including countless projects - what brings you back, and how do you find the process of collaboration?

Every rug collection has been a different journey with starting points from different angles. As I have collaborated with Designer Rugs before, we have really clear and open conversations on design and what we are looking for or wishing to achieve with the collection. Also over time, understanding market needs has become more transparent. Creating rugs is a very enjoyable, process of discovery. From a line + colored drawing to looking at texture and pile height and the mixing of these - I find a lot of joy from  finally seeing the results in people’s homes or in corporate office - gives me great satisfaction to see my vision come into actuality.

The Circadian Collection is on display in our showrooms, and can be custom shaped, sized and coloured to suit any residential or commercial space. Contact us to find out more!

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