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Anna Spiro: The Interview

By Designer Rugs on October 16, 2020 

We are thrilled to announce a head-turning new collaboration with interior designer and creative force Anna Spiro Design. Consisting of two hand tufted rugs and two handknotted rugs, this collection is truly a feast for the eyes, featuring an eclectic yet elegant mix of floral motifs, striking geometrics, and joyful patterns.

Anna Spiro is the Director and Head Interior Designer at Anna Spiro Design with over 20 year’s experience in the design industry. She is known for her clever use of pattern and colour and her inherent ability to create unique, comfortable and awe-inspiring environments that people want to linger in. Anna is the author of bestseller, Absolutely Beautiful Things, a brand ambassador for Audi Australia and is also the creative director and co- founder of Anna Spiro Textiles alongside her brother Sam Spiro.

Her work has been featured in many national and international publications including English House & Garden, the Wall Street Journal, various issues of Vogue Living, Belle Magazine and the highly acclaimed Andrew Martin Interior Design Awards yearly publication. She has an excellent reputation within the industry and has worked on many residential and numerous commercial projects throughout Australia such as boutique hotel Halcyon House and the riverfront cocktail bar Mr Percival’s at Howard Smith Wharves to name a few.

We spoke to Anna about the design process, and how to use these patterns like a pro in your own home!

designer rugs collection anna spiro

What were your inspirations for this collection?

For the collection I used a couple of our original Anna Spiro Textile fabric patterns and re-imagined them into rug designs. I wanted to create a collection that reflected our love of pattern and colour but one that also offered a mix in style options. As an example, Ziggy works to add colour to a space but is a more plain, modern design which is perfect when put back with lots of patterned upholstery. Whereas Kandilli is very patterned and would look amazing with plain upholstery. I wanted to offer a collection that was flexible and usable.

What drew you to Designer Rugs, and how did you find the process of collaboration?

I love the quality and reputation Designer Rugs has in our Australian market as a leader in their field and I am very proud to be collaborating with them to create my rug collection.

designer rugs anna spiro otto

How did the rug design process differ from designing fabrics and wallpaper and interiors? 

I think every design process we undertake works in a similar way. We started with a mood board and broad inspiration and developed the designs over time. There is always a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to create a fabulous end product and patience is key. Something I am really passionate about is that things of quality take a very long time to produce and you must be willing to wait and also pay a bit more for something made by hand and that will last and stand the test of time.

What kind of space to you see your rugs working in? What do you think they add to a space?

I can see the rugs working in any sort of interior – be it traditional, modern or eclectic. I really did put a lot of thought into how each and every one of the rugs could work in a different space and I feel the collection offers diversity. I love the idea of one of these rugs placed in a really modern, plain interior. I think the overall look of that could be quite magnificent.

Anna Spiro Ziggy Rug Design

Which design is your favourite and why?

I love them all. It’s very hard to choose a favourite. I could see Kandilli used in a room with all white sofas and armchairs with pink walls and I love Otto in navy blue mixed with traditional florals . Flora would be amazing used as wall-to-wall carpet.

You’re known for your masterful use of colour – how did colour factor in to this collection?

I feel that all of the colours I have used in the rugs are colours I use a lot in my work. They are happy colours and colours that really do go with so many other colours.

Anna Spiro Kandilli Rug Design
These designs have a strong sense of pattern and repeat – what advice to you have for people looking to mix patterns in their home?

Don’t be afraid of colour and pattern – embrace it, surround yourself with it. It really will make such a difference to your life. My clients all say how happy their homes make them feel and I think that is the ultimate compliment.

The Anna Spiro Collection on display in our new Brisbane showroom, or can be custom shaped, sized and coloured to suit your home. Contact us to find out more!

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