Interior Design: Futurespace
PwC is a multinational professional services network of firms, ranking as the second largest professional services firm network in the world.

PwC Australia delivers audit, assurance, consulting and tax services to more than 5,000 clients, and employs over 8000 people in 8 locations nationwide.

The Journey

PwC recognised that to continue to innovate and remain leaders in their field, they’d need to completely rethink how they engaged with clients. The consumer / client / customer is more savvy than ever, and the level of service they expect is one that is flexible, adaptable and engaging.

PwC engaged leading architectural firm Futurespace to create an end to end client experience for both their Sydney and Melbourne locations that was exceptional, memorable and unique. These Client Collaboration floors needed to challenge old ideas of formal client interactions and boardroom meetings. Using open settings was key to achieving this, and arranging them in a way that is less institutional and more about ‘togetherness’.
Futurespace also wanted the spaces to reflect their locations – each inspiring and energizing in their own way. For Melbourne, the palette was bold and energetic, almost an antidote to the grey skies that Melbourne is renowned for. For Sydney, the palette was soft, tonal and textural – balanced and calming to offset the fast pace of this busy city.

Lastly, the Futurespace team looked at hospitality, branded airport lounges, and other types of co-creation spaces to inform the way that the PwC customer experience would need to function, giving great attention to quality and custom details to reflect the high quality of the PwC experience.
Designer Rugs provided high quality rugs within a commercial context in both price and also within timelines
Gavin Harris - Designer Director at Futurespace
PWC custom project Sydney Reception

The Solution

Designer Rugs created designs that would reinforce the intention of the interiors, and provide a grounding element to define different zones.

PwC Barangaroo Sydney uses rugs with rich plum, burgundy and pink tones contrasted with calming grey and cream. The largeness of the space is countered by the use of shape – all rugs are circular with soft rounded forms and a large circular rug mirroring the striking overhead architectural feature. As Gavin Harris, Designer Director at Futurespace, explains, the emphasis on circles has the effect of “showing togetherness and cohesion. The patterns are repeated, simplified and at different scales, reflecting the different, relaxed way we feel when working in these spaces.”

For PwC Melbourne, Gavin’s own design ‘Molecule’ was used - a series of bright, invigorating orange hexagons joined by darker shadow lines. By varying the pile height to create these shadow lines, the rug subtly gains a third dimension and recalls the lines of both architecture and joinery. The bright colours invigorate and inspire, and almost act as a bright beacon, drawing the user to various meeting spaces.

To reinforce the rich hospitality feel, variations in materials were used to add a touch of elevated detail. Linework was tufted in shimmering bamboo silk in hues of gold and pewter, adding a high end touch while still retaining enough wool content to maintain durability and longevity of the product.

The Result

The new interiors speak to this fast-paced agile working atmosphere, creating inspiring, energising spaces, that are also deliberately imbued with calming, grounding elements. Soft furnishings, bold yet simple colours, welcoming lighting and subtly defined zones make them inviting places, conducive to connection, learning and change.

“Designer Rugs provided high quality rugs within a commercial context in both price and also within timelines,” says Harris. Their ability to understand and support our concepts and desire for the project – developing it to make it real – that, along with the commercial requirements, is a great strength. Designer Rugs’ internal design support never say no to an idea, and always have solutions and even add to the creative process providing the greatest outcome to exceed to the clients’ expectations.”

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The Designers

Gavin Harris, the much-admired interior and industrial designer, is a natural partnership given Gavin won Designer Rug’s Evolve rug design competition in 2010 and has since continued to design custom rugs for commercial projects through his position as Design Director of futurespace.

Gavin’s two collections - MINDSCAPE and CIRCULAR LOGIC - questioning the standard dimensions of rugs – dimensions that have endured for centuries – Gavin explored shape, texture and pattern. The result is a collection that offers a new perspective on the form of a rug and its role in an interior landscape, thus the name MINDSCAPE. It’s a concept that Gavin first started investigating in his work for futurespace. “Clients wanted statement pieces that functioned as more than a rug; they wanted pieces that told stories or reflected the company’s ambitions,” Gavin explains.

The MINDSCAPE collection is made with 100 per cent New Zealand wool. It mixes cut and loop pile with carving and pile height changes, combined with a bold and modern colour palette and an attention-grabbing series of shapes.