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Naumi Studio Hotel Wellington

Interior Design: Material Creative
Builders: Gartshore
Artist: Karl Maughan
Architect: Foster Melville
Photography: Samuel Hartnett
Naumi Hotels, is a boutique hospitality group founded in 2007, with hotels throughout Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

The design of every Naumi hotel is built behind a story of architectural and artistic concept brought to life by modern and cutting edge design visions.
Designer Rugs case study Naumi Wellington

The Journey

Naumi Studio Hotel Wellington started its life as an iconic heritage Edwardian building, ready to be polished into a 116 room boutique hotel. 

Material Creative was tasked with a brave, unexpected, somewhat-fantastical vision for project, inspired by bold colours and characters of the literary world. 

Retaining history and heritage was paramount, while creating the exotic, eclectic and memorable interiors that Naumi are known for.

Material Creative had a vision for guests to experience a wondrous Edwardian garden full of lush florals upon entering the hotel, and be transported from reality into a maximalist fantasy.

“Our idea for the hotel was to take the aptly named Edwardian building ‘The People’s Palace’ and embrace a story where a custodian, ‘Lady Naumi’ a Literary Bohemian becomes the anchor to the design and aesthetic,” says Material Creative’s Toni Brandso. “The aim was for the hotel will feel like her home, full of collections from travel and inspiration from the building and the Cuba Street area.”

The Solution

Our Designer Rugs NZ team pitched a collaboration with highly acclaimed NZ artist Karl Maughan to create a lush floral carpet, completely exclusive to the project. The hotel already incorporates a number of local creatives, and Material Creative recognized that this would be a unique way to include Maughan’s art.

In working with Maughan, the Designer Rugs team were mindful to retain his signature aesthetic - rich colour, textural impasto-style brushstrokes and hyperreal compositions. Choosing Axminster carpet as the medium of choice allowed for the most flexibility in colour and design - Axminster carpets are woven on looms that offer up to 16 colours, providing the most options in design potential of any carpet manufacturing process.

The beauty of creating an Axminster carpet design meant that the project could truly lean into a wall-to-wall maximalism, adding the greatest amount of pattern and colour for a reduced cost compared to statement rug. The carpet was also carefully cut into curving bespoke pieces to create meadows of flowers in other areas, developing a consistent identity throughout the hotel.

The Result

Naumi Studio Hotel Wellington is truly a feast for the senses. An immersive experience as soon as you set foot in the door, this hotel lives at the intersection of art, design, and curated hospitality. Our floral Axminster is a luxurious addition to the space, bringing the vision of a blooming garden to life and making a striking first impression.

“The collision of texture and colour and differing scale floral application makes an all-encompassing experience when you enter to check in,” says Material Creative’s Toni Brandso. “Flowers meet you from all directions, the floor, ceiling, walls and banquet seating. It’s a wild experience signalling what’s more is to come inside the hotel.”

“Designer Rugs NZ made it all easy and seamless as per usual! With so many colours in the hotel this was no mean feat to get the right tones for the flowers.”

Naumi Studio Hotel Wellington has won a multitude of awards, including two Best Design Awards NZ, Red Wards NZ Supreme Winner, and is currently shortlisted for an Eat Drink Design award.

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