6 Bedroom Rug Ideas To Inspire

By Designer Rugs on March 1, 2012 

The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, a room that should be peaceful and tranquil. Nothing adds more softness and cosiness to your bedroom that a luxurious new designer rug. Bedroom rugs are perfect for adding warmth to underfoot – a great way to wake up is with the feeling of plush wool and silk underfoot as you step out of bed. Softening up a hard wood, tile or slate floor is easy with a rug under your bed.

Bedroom rugs are not only about practicality – they can also breathe new life into the room you spend 8 hours a day in! A rug under your bed can add much needed colour and texture to your space, whether you prefer soothing neutrals or something a little bolder.

The placement and size of bedroom rug can make a big difference to the look and feel of a room. A popular choice is to lay a rug at the foot of the bed to frame and soften this large piece of furniture. We also love the impact of a large rug placed completely under a bed and side tables, with the rug extending out on each side. Placing your bedroom rug in this way adds a beautiful harmony and balance to what is often a highly symmetrical room.

Here are some projects we think have nailed the bedroom rug brief!

Nest handknotted rug by Anna Carin
Handknotted Nest rug by Anna Carin
Designer: Anna Carin Photographer: Justin Alexander
Tom Axminster carpet
Designer: Greg Natale Photographer: Anson Smart
Custom handmade rug
Designer: Catherine Martin Photographer: James Merrell
Custom Vapour Handkot rug by Greg Natale
Designer: Greg Natale Photographer: Anson Smart
Handknotted Flora rug by Anna Spiro
Custom Yves Axminster carpet
Designer: Greg Natale Photographer: Anson Smart