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Work and Study in Style: Rugs for the Home Office

By Designer Rugs on June 10, 2020 

With the recent increase in remote working policies, many people are now based from home, many in spaces which have not been designed for focussed working or have not been refurbished in years! As this is a space in which we spend most of the day, comfort and practicality are important factors when it comes to decorating your home workspace. You also want it to be a beautiful space that inspires you, and motivates you to get up and start working everyday. Rugs and carpet can be an easy way to breathe new life into your home office, add extra warmth and comfort and even help to increase your productivity.

Increase warmth and comfort

One of the greatest benefits of a new rug is the physical warmth it provides underfoot. Many home offices or designated workspaces are finished with hardwood floors or tiles, which can become incredibly cold, especially during chilly winter months! Combine this with the inevitable reduction in physical activity from sitting at a desk all day, and you have a very cold and uncomfortable working situation on your hands.

Rugs and carpets are a great way of providing an extra layer of insulation, and feel a lot nicer under your feet than cold tiles or floorboards. Temperature is also frequently cited as one of the most important factors influencing comfort and productivity in the workplace – the warmth of a plush wool rug can help to insulate your space and keep you at optimal comfort for productive working.

designer rugs office rug
Custom handtufted rug for study space designed by Karen Akers. Photographer Thomas Dalhoff

Define Your Workspace

Working from home can have its challenges, especially if you are based in a more open plan environment. Separating your ‘work life’ from your ‘home life’ can be difficult when your workspace is situated within your living space or dining space, with all their distractions! Creating this distinction mentally can be aided by using rugs to define and separate your working area.

Selecting the right size and shape of rug can frame your desk area, and help to visually distinguish a study area in a bedroom, living room or dining space. Custom sizing can be especially helpful in this regard, to create the perfect size to suit the room and furnishings.

designer rugs officr rugs greg natale
Custom Yves by Greg Natale, in space designed by Greg Natale. Photographer Anson Smart.

Be Inspired and Energised

Design and colour have a huge impact on mood and productivity – dark, poorly designed spaces can create an environment that demotivates, or even evokes sadness or depression, while bright and vibrant spaces can improve motivation, creativity and productivity. Adding a rug or carpet to your home office is an easy way to refresh the space, and a great way to bring your own personality into room.

Choosing a design that creates a sense of joy can have a huge impact on your working behaviour. Your rug design should also aesthetically  be in harmony with the rest of home. Choose your rug and carpet colours to suit your working style, as well as your surroundings –  subdued, neutral colors can create a quiet focus, and bold, bright colors can encourage creative thinking.

overhead of rhapsody rug by catherine martin
Westchester by Catherine Martin

Reduce Noise for Focussed Working

Experiencing high levels of noise in your workspace is closely linked to reduced productivity and increased stress, impacting the ability to recall important information, and even perform basic maths. This issue can be amplified when working from home, especially with other family members also working remotely.

Hard-surface flooring reflects interior sounds, causing the ambient levels to increase, while rugs and carpets absorb the sound. Choose a thicker rug over a thinner one for the most effective soundproofing, and reduce the sound of rolling chairs, typing and even conference calls. To maximise a rug’s noise-killing potential consider adding rug underlay for added sound softening!

designer rugs office rugs lynne bradley
Greg Natale Yves Carpet, in office space designed by Lynne Bradley. Photography by Anson Smart.

Considerations When Buying a Home Office Rug

There are a few things to consider before you purchase a rug for your home office to make sure your new addition is the perfect fit!


The size can depend on how large or small your office is, and how much of the floor you want to cover. Establish which pieces of furniture you want it to lay under and then measure. If you want a rug for under your desk, be sure to measure enough area for you to be able to back your chair up without leaving your chair legs or wheels off the edges of the rug. Also ensure to measure ample space around your desk so that all the desk legs are on the rug and level.

If your room is small, wall-to-wall carpet is also a great option! Axminster carpet is still plush enough to provide noise cancellation benefits, gives the same warmth underfoot as a rug, and is available in fun and eye catching designs to elevate your space.

Custom hand tufted rug
Custom hand tufted rug in an office designed by Poco Designs. Photographer: Anson Smart

Protecting the Rug

When it comes to your home office rug, it’s important you protect it if you have an office chair with wheels.  The constant moving wheels can damage the rug over time, so it is advised to use a chair mat – clear of course, so that you can still see the beautiful rug beneath! There are also a number of protective seal options available for more general spills and stains.

designer rugs office rug pip maxwell
Hand tufted version of Aceto by Hare + Klein in this office by Pip Maxwell Interior Design. Photographed by Studio Weir.

Material and Construction

The fibre and construction of your rug can have a big impact on its wear and tear. 100% NZ wool handtufted rugs are recommended for their dense and durable pile – they are also the favoured construction for commercial workplaces with high volumes of traffic. Fringes or shag pile rugs are not suggested, as they can catch in the wheels of your office chair and damage the rug.

With all of these home office tips in mind, you’ll be able to transform your home workspace in no time. Just the simple addition of a rug can make a world of difference to your working day.

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