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How Custom Rug Designs Can Work for Your Home  

By Designer Rugs on February 12, 2024 

Not everything needs to be off the rack – or the shop floor. Sometimes your home needs something special, something bespoke, to complete your interior. This is where our custom rugs can come into their own.  

While Designer Rugs has a wide range of rug collections (from Designer Collections to beautiful in-house designs) we also offer customisation to create a bespoke flooring option that suits different house sizes, interior design schemes and colour palettes. Beautifully designed, personally crafted, our team can create a rug (or series of rugs) that reflect your taste and space. 

This special made-for-you option allows you to choose the rug you want, in the size you want, the materials you love, and even in the colourways you prefer. It’s the ideal way to get a one-off design created from scratch and unique to you. 

Leading interior designer Greg Natale uses custom rugs in many of his projects. 

“Not only will a custom rug work more cohesively with the overall design scheme, but it also infuses the foundation of an interior with a “one-of-a-kind” feeling,” says Greg. “Rugs are crucial to the overall design, and knowing the one you have was created exclusively for your home enhances your personal connection to your space.”  

Design Service

Our rug customisation service includes a one-on-one meeting with one of our experienced design team members, who can help you create the perfect rug for your home.  

Because custom rugs are created according to your preference, our customers often bring in samples of their existing décor such as fabric swatches, paint samples or even mood boards to help the creative process. We frequently work with interior designers and architects to create bespoke rugs. 

Sometimes we start with one of our existing rug designs, and look to changing the colour palette, other times we start with creative references from other sources, such as fabrics, furniture or artwork.  

After selecting a design and colourway, our design team will prepare and present you with artwork. This will include final colour finishes and other samples that will allow you to visualise your finished rug. Upon your approval, the production process can begin. 

Like all our rugs, our custom-made rugs are handmade by skilled craftspeople carefully selected by the Designer Rugs team. This specialised process can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the size, design and construction of your rug. The Designer Rugs team oversees the entire production of custom rugs, including quality control and delivery. 

Colour matching

Work with our knowledgeable staff to choose the colours of your rug, selecting from our curated Designer Rugs tuft box of more than 400 shades. During this process, you can also select the material for your rug, from wool, bamboo, silk and more. Our design service can work with your interior colour scheme to create a medley of shades that reflect your style and home’s design. 


At Designer Rugs, we offer textures and finishes of the highest standards that include New Zealand wool, silk, bamboo, and textured yarns, in cut, loop and shag pile, and can also offer carved lines. We can also provide advice on construction, whether hand knotted, hand tufted or even Axminster carpet. 

Natural fibres such as wool and silk are popular choices for rugs because they are durable and stain resistant. Wool’s distinctive structure and lanolin makes it flame retardant, stain repellent, extremely durable and is even a natural dehumidifier. Wool is also a 100% renewable product, making it highly sustainable and eco-friendly. We primarily use New Zealand wool in our hand-tufted product, and Tibetan wool in our hand-knotted product. 

Silk can add an extra touch of luxury to your custom rug. We can incorporate silk into most designs as part of our bespoke design service, adding extra softness and lustre to the finish of your new rug. 

Other popular choices include bamboo, another sustainable material that has a lustre similar to silk and can emphasise portions of the rug’s design, creating incredible highlights and lowlights. 

Shapes and sizes

With custom rugs, it is easy to choose an unusual shape, such as a hexagon, decagon, or triangle – to create a showstopping centrepiece or complement your architecture. Our bespoke design service means that you are only limited by your imagination and budget. 

Depending on your needs and style, you can choose a size that suits you – depending on whether you want the rug to be the dominant feature of the room, or complement your existing furniture. Our website has great tips on the placement of your rug, whether it is for living spaces, bedrooms or dining areas.  

Projects with custom rugs

The best thing about custom-designed rugs is that you can design flooring that is unique to you and your home, anchoring a well-crafted interior and acting as a base for curated furniture and architectural choices. 

If you want to create a statement rug for a maximalist interior, be inspired by leading designer Greg Natale’s latest project, Hunters Hill II.  

“I use rugs to frame a space and introduce colour and pattern, so they are always one of the first elements we consider,” says Greg. “If we don’t have an existing rug in our collection that fits the overall concept and design scheme, whether because of the colour palette or the size of a room, we will create a custom design that works with the interiors overall concept.”  

“For the Hunters Hill project, a modern home with a vast, open-plan design, the client requested we bring in pops of purple for a warm, personal touch. As rugs are used to delineate between designated living areas in open-plan spaces, we anchored the otherwise free-floating furniture with customised purple rugs that tie into the overall colour scheme (the Mezza rug by Greg Natale and Designer Rugs).” 

For a more classic style of interior, take inspiration from the simple patterns and neutral palette of Brisbane designer Samantha Leigh Interiors’ New Farm project. This custom rug complemented the interiors with a seamless blend of sophistication, functionality, and a sense of comfort with a focus on adding warmth and texture.  

Textural layers and patterns set the tone with the warm and natural custom rug designed by Lynne Bradley Interiors for her Apex House project. In this interior, the interplay of matt and gloss surfaces and expansive textural patterns work rhythmically, providing an elegant ‘lived-in’ robustness and a sense of grounding. Comfort, easy care and a pared-back style were high on the list of considerations. 

Maintaining your rug

Knowing how to clean your rug and maintain its appearance is important to ensure your rug has a long life. Treat spills immediately and see professional help. Cleaning rugs is a skill, which is why we advise employing professional cleaning for all our rugs.  

We recommend our preferred professional cleaners here. Please note that these are third party services and Designer Rugs is not responsible for the outcomes. 

Want to embrace your personal style? 

Creating a warm, welcoming and stylish home involves layering your own style throughout your interior. If you want to incorporate a bespoke rug as part of your design scheme, speak to our design team or call into one of our showrooms and chat with our experienced staff about the next steps. 

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