Wool Shag Rugs

There is nothing more luxurious than sinking your feet into a thick wool shag rug. Our collection of plain textures and felted yarn rugs have been designed to be lusciously soft yet durable - created to soften, connect spaces and define style. This collection includes twisted and felted yarns, coral and shag piles and much more.

Our shag rugs aren’t just loved for their denseness and luxurious feel – they are also perfect for adding a touch of texture to your room. The deep shag pile works beautifully as a statement splash of colour and lushness in any space.

Many of our rugs by iconic Australian designers Dinosaur Designs use a felted yarn in cut pule and shag pile, made from 100% New Zealand wool. This texture makes the designs even more remarkable, featuring a mix of big bold amorphic designs, monochromatic patterns and punchy colours. Using the classic rectangular shape as the ‘canvas’, each rug features playful compositions of organic shapes while bold colour combinations deliver a style and personality unique to each.

Or for a more simple look, our plain textures come in a wide variety of colours, lengths and styles, such as our Coral Shag with its black or white core creating the illusion of coral along the ocean floor. Or Napoleon Shag, our best selling textured product, made from 100% New Zealand Wool coloured any way you like it!

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