Wool Rugs

Wool has been a key material in rug making for centuries, and is the cornerstone of a luxury hand tufted or hand knotted rug. Wool produces a thick, soft, and organic feel underfoot making it the most comfortable and lavish rug material to walk on. The cosiness of a wool rug is hard to match, with its plush, warm feel, perfect for enjoying a winter morning or to soften a hard wooden or tiled floor.

Wool rugs are durable, have a natural stain resistance, and a natural odour resistance. Our wool rugs have a natural suppleness that means they do not flatten easily under your furniture – it will spring back with ease. Wool hold dyes extremely well, whether they are soft neutrals or vibrant brights, and the colour ages extremely well over time.

Our collection of wool rugs use Tibetan wools, New Zealand wools, and a variety of blends. Whether you are looking for graphic and geometric, or for subtle sweeping textures, our handmade, high-quality wool rugs have the effortless elegance you are looking for. For bold, on-trend colour choices or for subtle neutrals, our collection of rugs can help give your space a modern ambiance. We can also custom colour any design in our range of wool hues to create a bespoke, unique rug made-to-order for your home.

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