Rugs By Location

Selecting a rug can be difficult, but an easy place to start is to consider what room it will be placed in. The amount of traffic that the space has, as well as the purpose of the room itself, are among the things to think about when choosing the material, size and shape of your new designer rug. Your rug should be oriented to suit the shape of the room. Long rugs should be placed lengthwise in the room. But if your room is wider and more full, than the rug looks best placed horizontally.

In terms of design, a more soothing and neutral design can be suitable for a bedroom, and more plush and luxurious materials can be used as there is not as much foot traffic in this space. You living room is chance to make more of a design statement, in both scale, colour and pattern. The material of dining room rugs should be carefully contemplated, as spills can be common in this area.

We have rugs to suit every location, from residential to commercial, and from a small entrance rug to a sweeping open plan space. Our bespoke design service also means every rug can be tailored perfectly to its location.

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