Rugs By Colour

Colours can influence our moods, meanings and impact how we feel in our day to day life. Likewise, the colour of your rug can have a considerable effect on the emotions we feel when walking into a space. If you consider this impact, you can use it to transform your living room, dining room or bedroom into the type of space you want it to be – tranquil and peaceful, chic and sleek, vibrant and lively, the decision is yours!

Our bespoke design service allows you to change the colour of any of our existing designs, whether is a small tweak or a totally unique recolour. Our hundreds of wool and silk hues provide an almost endless array of possibly colour combinations – the only limit is your imagination. You can visit our showrooms to receive expert colour advice – feel free to bring paint and fabric swatches with you for colour matching!

When selecting a new rug it’s key to look at the space overall to get a good grasp of your existing colour palette. Using artworks, furniture and accents as colour inspiration can help you land on a coloured rug that will perfectly tie your space together. Your interior style and colour preferences should be perfectly encapsulated in your new designer rug. The design should articulate your taste, and bring you joy for many years to come.

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