Indigo Rugs

Is it purple? Is it blue? All we know is the rich, vibrant colour of indigo translates beautifully to rugs. An indigo rug can convey an almost regal quality , imbuing your interiors with a plush, velvety feel. Indigo rugs pair fantastically with neutrals, and look amazing on a brown wooden floor. Our collection of indigo rugs have a range of personalities and moods, from cool and calming to intense and vibrant.

Our collection of indigo rugs range from classic to graphic, some with an all-over neutral appearance with simple tonal designs, and others incorporating darker or lighter decorative elements. Add a luxurious textural element with one of our indigo handknot designs, like Velocity. Go geometric with one of our contemporary repeating pattern rugs like Baxter or Miami. Or add a little touch of nature with feminine blossom designs, like Poppy and Ayame.

Can’t see your dream indigo rug in the stocked designs below? We can easily customise any of our existing designs into an indigo colourway, with several shades of indigo wool and silk to select from. Our made-to-order process is as easy as it is inspiring, and your design will be expertly guided by our in-house designers.

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