Handwoven Rugs

Hand woven, or hand knot rugs as they are sometimes known, are a firm favorite for floor coverings, and have been in hot demand for several years. Hand woven rugs are for those appreciate the importance of good design and high quality, long lasting products. Designer Rugs has been creating premium hand woven rugs for over 30 years, and have supplied hand knot rugs to some of the worlds most beautiful homes.

Creating rugs by hand using fine materials like Tibetan wool and shimmering silk is a highly valued art form. Each rug is painstakingly woven by hand - the technique remains practically unchanged over many centuries – and uses traditional methods in the service of contemporary design. The captivating imperfections of natural fibres and the variations of the human touch are present in every step of the process, the result of a commitment to promote individuality and inspiration in all of its production. Each rug is truly unique unto itself, conceived in a journey through a sea of human hands weaving it into existence.

Our selection of hand woven rugs is extensive and varied - from organic to geometric, floral to simple textures, you’re sure to find the design you need in our hand knot collections.

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