Geometric Rugs

It’s hip to be square – and triangle, and rectangle! Our geometric rugs are the perfect choice for those wanting to add a contemporary twist to their space. Always a popular choice, geometric rugs create a feeling of sharp sophistication and strong visual interest. They are ideal for delineating a space, whether it be a living room, bedroom or dining room.

Greg Natale is well known for his eye for the geometric, and we have two highly sought after rug collections from Greg featuring strong repetitive shapes and sophisticated lines. Our ‘Mindscape’ collection by Gavin Harris takes geometric to another level, with optical illusions and unique shapes that seem to float above the floor. Our in-house collections Transient and Kaleidoscope both focus on the fragmentation of shape and light, creating a layered effect that is incredibly inspiring.

Whether you prefer modern, Art Deco, or abstract, geometric rugs can be a compelling element in your overall design vision. A geometric rug in a softer space can provide a great focal point, or it can be a corresponding part of a clean and sleek room. Not sure about a design in our collection of geometric rugs? Don’t forget that your rug can be completely customised, from colour to size and even shape.

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