Dining Room Rugs

The addition of a rug to a dining room lends an aura of comfortable luxury to the space. Unlike a kitchen table, a dining room table is often meant to accommodate guest for more formal gatherings, so a beautiful carpet can do wonders to add a sense of occasion to the space. Size, material and shape are all factors that determine a rug’s ability to aesthetically and functionally serve this space.

When selecting your dining room rug, it’s a good idea to go a little bigger than you think you need. Guests should be able to push their chairs back from the table without going over the edge of the rug. Round rugs are an amazing choice for dining rooms, especially when echoing the shape of a round dining table. Your rug shape options aren’t always confined to the shape of your table. While round tables look great on round rugs, they can also look amazing on square rugs, so don’t shy away from playing with shape. You can also have fun with oval tables, which look amazing on rectangular or oval rugs.

Our custom rug design service is ideal for dining room rugs, as it allows you to choose the perfect size and shape to suit the room and table.

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