Diamond Rugs

A diamond pattern is a classic choice for floor coverings. Whether simple and classic in soothing neutrals, or a more modern, colourful abstraction, diamond patterns draw the eye and can often create the illusion of stunning architectural depth.

Dive into colour with styles like Asher, Huxley and Kimono from our in-house collection aptly name Kaleidoscope. Take a distressed and rustic turn with styles like Batik by Akira Isogawa, Coal Coast by Christine McDonald or the monochrome Erosion. Tribal influences are synonymous with diamond patterns, as seen in designs like Aztec, Blair and Diamond Coast. Or why not keep things simple, with our luxurious Diamond Velour rug.

Many of our diamond pattern rugs have their geometric designs enhanced through carving. Carving is a technique done after a rug has been trimmed to create lower areas and texture by shearing around design elements by hand. It creates the appearance of a sharp edge, and is perfect for those who like a crisp and clean geometric look. Our diamond designs also utilise tufts of differing pile height, which creates a unique sculptured look. For those who prefer a softer, more organic look, our diamond designs in woven handknots have a stunning array of texture and variation all within the one design, due to the lengthy weaving process done by human hands in a traditional and ancient method.

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