Desert Bloom

Easton Pearson have once again collaborated with Designer Rugs to create a collection of inspiring and decorative rugs. The collection includes six vibrant designs, each one capturing the enduring spirit of this iconic Australian fashion brand.  The inspiration for this new range came from the kaleidoscope, and the way patterns and colours can be recreated and reformed into beautiful new arrangements at the turn of a wrist. This simple elegant and revolutionary tool gave the viewer ever changing shapes and colours to be inspired by 200 years before digital manipulation. This fresh, lively collection has the potential to be used in many different spaces, with layered up decor, to very minimal with the rug being the only single decorative accent.
  • Hand tufted in 100% New Zealand Wool
  • 200 x 300cm
  • Can be custom coloured, sized and shaped.


  • Rugs may vary in colour due to the differences in computer displays