Charcoal Rugs

Dark does not mean gloomy, as this collection of gorgeous charcoal grey rugs shows! Placed in a balanced room, a charcoal rugs can add a luxurious depth to your space. Creating a defined space with a charcoal rug can add strong lines to your space, helping to draw the eye to certain areas and separate open plan rooms. Our charcoal rugs are also incredibly practical, hiding spills easily with its dark colour and durable wool fabrication.

Many of our charcoal rugs embrace classic geometrics in a darkly brilliant way, like the elegant Keylock or the shimmering Astra. Designs like Samson and Archery use contrasting white or gold lines to create a bold and impactful graphic statement. Some charcoal rugs take inspirations from nature and rework into the abstract, like the bark-like Moire or the waving bamboo of Osaka.

Can’t see your dream charcoal rug in the stocked designs below? We can easily customise any of our existing designs into a charcoal colourway, with several shades of charcoal of wool and silk to select from. Our made-to-order process is as easy as it is inspiring, and your design will be expertly guided by our in-house designers.

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