Carpet Rugs

The terms "carpet" and "rug" are often used interchangeably, but the two can have very different impacts in a space. Carpets are spread over an entire room, often from wall to wall, and are fixed firmly in place to create an expansive and luxurious effect. Carpets can also be used in conjunction with a rug in order to define a space, artfully combining prints, patterns and textures.

We specialise in Axminster carpet, which refers to a specific type of weaving process known for its excellent pattern definition and quality. We use high quality yarns that have a plush texture underfoot, adding warmth and insulation to a home. Carpet can help to unify different rooms, and also create the illusion of a larger space.

Axminster Carpet also offers the most diversity in colour, with up to 12 colours allowing for a huge amount of design potential for patterns. It is the most versatile carpet type in the business - as a company with a passion for good design, it is the obvious offering for making creative, innovative carpet designs.

We offer two carpet collections – one by the iconic Greg Natale, and another in house collection MR Carpet which takes its inspiration from sharp menswear. We can also offer custom designs for commercial projects.

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