Gavin Harris

Designer Rugs’ newest collection MINDSCAPE by Gavin Harris is a bold exploration of shape, colour, and texture designed for contemporary commercial spaces and cutting-edge residential applications. Gavin Harris, the much-admired interior and industrial designer, is a natural partnership given Gavin won Designer Rug’s Evolve rug design competition in 2010 and has since continued to design custom rugs for commercial projects through his position as Design Director of futurespace. Questioning the standard dimensions of rugs – dimensions that have endured for centuries – Gavin explored shape, texture and pattern. The result is a collection that offers a new perspective on the form of a rug and its role in an interior landscape, thus the name MINDSCAPE. It’s a concept that Gavin first started investigating in his work for futurespace. “Clients wanted statement pieces that functioned as more than a rug; they wanted pieces that told stories or reflected the company’s ambitions,” Gavin explains. The MINDSCAPE collection is made with 100 per cent New Zealand wool. It mixes cut and loop pile with carving and pile height changes, combined with a bold and modern colour palette and an attention-grabbing series of shapes.

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