Oyster Farm

Trailing the successful launch of Julie Paterson’s first range ‘Drawn from the land’, Julie has launched a range of six new rugs entitled ‘from the sketchbook’. There are two distinct themes in ‘from the sketchbook’: ‘Industrial Belt’, ‘Ned’ and ‘North Facing’ come from imagined plans and elevations of old factory sites and the marks and scars left behind from industrial wastelands found on the outskirts of most cities- Empty land that is slowly being reclaimed by nature. 'Family Tree', 'Roots' and 'Oyster Farm' come from a more organic source - debris found on the beach after a storm; mysterious beings hiding in rock pools; fragments dug up from the garden, hinting at the struggle of life against the elements. All rugs are available in standard sizes  170 x 240 cm and 200 x 300 cm, rugs can be custom coloured and sized. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.


  • Rugs may vary in colour due to the differences in computer displays