STANWELL is closest to Christines heart. It's the place of her upbringing, her home; Stanwell Tops and where she spent her social time, the beach; Stanwell Park. Without these places, Christine believes she wouldn't be the person she is today. She describes her upbringing as “simple, yet rich and fulfilling” in the Stanwell Tops, it was a place that she had the freedom to be a child; climb trees, build cubby houses, ride BMX, play bull-rush on the front lawn with the neighbours, as long as you are home before dark. And, Stanwell Park; was her life at the beach as a member of the surf club, as a young bodyboarder and many a beach party. The place of Christines family and lifelong friends. The design uses double triangles [diamonds]; its busy, like Christines childhood. Its reminiscent of a blanket for those cool nights or a beach towel for those summer days at the beach.
  • Tibetan Wool
  • Hand knotted


240 x 300mm

This design can be custom sized and coloured.


  • Rugs may vary in colour due to the differences in computer displays