Exploding with colour, the CAMILLA rug collection adds an exciting new element to the CAMILLA World, her fashion and lifestyle range. With six designs in the collection, Camilla's inspiration comes from her global wanderings through exotic destinations such as Marrakech, Japan and Formentera. The Tang dynasty was known as one of the greatest empires in the medieval world. Tang's legacy was a golden age of Chinese literature and art, with a strong and benevolent ruler, successful diplomatic relationships, economic expansion, and the nurturing of culture and cosmopolitan style. This magnificent rug represents this sense of harmony through its central motif, featuring an elliptical shape providing insight into green dragons feasting on new and dynamic ideas, surrounded by a perfect symmetrical series of borders. Flourishing blooms, representing the new social elite replacing traditional aristocratic order, add a sense of renewal, coupled with an Aegean blue palette which contrasts playfully with a warm tangerine base.


  • Rugs may vary in colour due to the differences in computer displays