Exploding with colour, the CAMILLA rug collection adds an exciting new element to the CAMILLA World, her fashion and lifestyle range. With six designs in the collection, Camilla's inspiration comes from her global wanderings through exotic destinations such as Marrakech, Japan and Formentera. Qin is inspired by the rich and culture infused history of China during the highly influential Qin dynasty. From introducing uniform written word to coins and roads, Qin's greatest triumph was the centralisation of power and commissioning The Great Wall of China. Masterfully represented through a rich palette and the juxtaposition of nature and chaos, with battling dark curving dragons and feminine, floral motifs, against highly elaborate masculine borders representing the order Qin brought to China after 200 years of conflict. The meticulous and ornate detailing of each level is stunning in its symmetry. Strength, power, restraint and absolute hierarchy have been achieved through balanced colour and repetitive patterns.


  • Rugs may vary in colour due to the differences in computer displays