Derryn Tal

Designer Rugs is proud to announce a brand new designer collaboration with Sydney artist Derryn Tal, an abstract contemporary artist whose practice is based on alchemy & art. Derryn’s ‘Gardens of the Gods’ collection emphasises our changing environment, focusing on fauna and flora. Derryn’s artworks navigate the viewer through paths of light and dark, place and time and, and reflect Derryn’s personal journey as an artist. Her work combines a number of mediums such as inks, photography & digital in unconventional ways, capturing vibrant chemical reactions in a split second and translating them into incredibly complex art. The process of interpreting Derryn’s art into details handknot rugs was just as complex, and the results are luxurious and beautiful, with a depth and intricacy that is truly unique. Shimmering silk highlights and a variety of pile heights create kaleidoscopic rugs that are mesmerizing. “I feel my rugs merge traditional and contemporary design,” says Derryn, “They would work just as well in an eclectic home, jam packed with antiques and artifacts from passionate collectors, as they would in a minimalist home where the rug brings a touch of warmth and defines the space.”

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